Please find below all of the moves and technique videos inside the course. Nearly all have second over-shoulder view videos for easy follow-along practice.


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The Foundations

1. The Cards
2. How to hold the cards
3. Spreading the cards
4. Riffling the cards
5. Dribbling the cards
6. Cutting the cards
7. The Ribbon Spread
8. The Overhand Shuffle
9. The Tabled Riffle Shuffle
10. The ‘In The Hands’ Riffle Shuffle
11. The Hindu Shuffle
12. Foundation Card Trick
13. Foundations complete!

Module 1-Shuffle work

1. The Overhand Shuffle Control (top to bottom)
2. The Overhand Shuffle Control (Bottom to Top)
3. Top Stock Overhand Shuffle Control
4. Holding a break, the in-jog and the out-jog
5. Top Stock Overhand Shuffle 2 (Injog method)
6. Bottom stock overhand shuffle control (Injog method)
7. Running Cards
8. Top Stock Riffle Shuffle Control
9. Bottom Stock Riffle Shuffle Control
10. The Pull-Through Shuffle

Module 1.5 – Cut Class

1. False cut on table, top-stock control
2. False cut on table, bottom stock control
3. False cut on table, complete deck control
4. The ‘Up The Ladder’ Cut
5. ‘Cheeky’ false cut
6. ‘Cheeky’ False Cut 2
7. The Slip Cut
8. Shuffles and Cuts complete!

Module 2. Controlling Cards

1. The Diagonal Insertion
2. The Drop Jog
3. The Spread Break
4. The Single Card Break and Buckle
5. The Double Undercut
6. The Injog Shuffle Control With Run
7. Table Cut Control
8. The Bluff Shift
9. Tilt
10. The Spread Cull
11. The Convincing Control
12. The Side Steal
13. The Pass
14. The Turnover Pass
15. The Half Pass
16. The Riffle Pass
17. Kelly-Ovette Master Move

Module 3-Use The Force

1. The Criss Cross Force
2. The Slip Force
3. The Riffle Force
4. The Dribble Force
5. The ‘Under The Spread’ Force
6. The Classic Force

Module 4-Switches

1. The Top Change
2. The Double Lift
3. The Glide
4. The Leg Turnover

Module 5-Palming

1. The Top Palm
2. The Top Palm with Multiple Cards
3. The Bottom Palm
4. The Bottom Palm with Multiple Cards
5. One-Handed Top Palm

Module 6-Counts and Steals

1. The Elmsley and Jordan Counts
2. The Thumb and Pinky Counts
3. The Biddle Steal
4. The Hamman Count

5. The Flushstration Count

6. The Ascanio Spread

Module 7-Flourishes

1. The Thumb Fan
2. The Pressure Fan

Module 8-Dealing

1. The Second Deal
2. The Bottom Deal

Module 9-Colour Changes

1. The Erdnase Colour Change
2. The Duck Change

Module 10 – Card Revelations

1. John Cornelius Spring Set
2. The Benzais Cut



1. Dai Vernon’s Twisting the Aces

2. Dai Vernon’s Triumph


For full access to all of these videos, for life, click here