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I have a rule of absolute transparency and honesty. This means that there are no nasty surprises or disappointments. So here’s exactly what to expect from the course. Remember that the course is always growing. So if there’s a move you want to learn, and it;’s not already there, just request it and I’ll do what I can to add it to the library.

Remember, if you have any questions at all, email me directly. There really is no such thing as a silly question. So fire away!!

Specialist Training for Card Magicians. A Step-by-Step Journey Towards Card Magic Mastery. For All Levels.

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed with all the magic books, downloads, DVD’s and tricks being produced to apparently ‘help’ you learn? I would often find myself staring at my collection in a kind of daze, sometimes even quitting to do something else! I would spend weeks, months and at one point, years learning nothing. So, as a professional magician, I went back and learned from the ground up. Separating the useful from the useless and the practical from the pointless. And I discovered that there is a LOT of pointless. This is an ongoing, lifelong project, which I’ve shared here since 2013. This is Card Magic Course
  • Build and expand your foundation of skill and knowledge.

  • Recommended learner journey for rapid, but not rushed, improvement.

  • In-depth tutorials from someone who gets it. Professional training from a professional performer and coach.

  • Full access to a respectful community of enthusiasts. A closed Facebook Group and Slack Space (forum) to enhance your learning and connect with Steve.
  • Over 200 videos, spread over different courses and modules such as Card Controls, Palming, Forces, Beginners, Second and Bottom Dealing, False shuffles and Cuts…

  • Gain a tool kit of moves, enabling you to learn most routines quickly and efficiently, drawing on your knowledge as a card expert.

  • Learn the often ignored skills to maximise your learning efficiency with courses such as ‘How to Practise’ focusing on your goals, time and approach to improvement.
  • Learn from someone who is not only a performer but also a passionate card enthusiast and professional coach. These three skills mean that you’ll be getting world-class tuition based on experience.

  • Learn at your own pace, with a little bit of motivation if you need it!

  • New content added monthly.

  • Content added as requested by members. Often your questions will help everyone, So I’ll create videos to answer your questions.

No Commitment, You Can Cancel Any Time And All Videos Are Downloadable. All For About the Cost of One Coffee Per Week!!

OK, So Let’s Be Honest. This Course Is My Baby, So I’m Probably A Little Biased!  Let The Current Members (and a few magic celebrities!) Tell You What They Think :

Having watched Steve perform for many years in so many challenging environments, his advice, knowledge and understanding of the performance of magic, and magic with playing cards is relevant to the beginner, intermediate and professional.

If you want to learn card techniques correctly, be it to aid your career or to embark on one of the best hobbies anyone could ever have, Steve is one of the best teachers there is.

The fact that this course continues to evolve and is interactive makes it very different to DVD courses.

I wish when I was younger something like this was available, it would have saved me hours of fumbling with cards and trying to make sense of badly drawn illustrations.

Marc Spellman

2 x Britain's Got Talent Finalist, Mystery Artist

As a teacher for over 20 years and a magician for over 30, I greatly appreciate and admire the depth and expanse of what the course has to offer. Not only are you learning from a seasoned professional but you are learning the actual work.

There’s no fluff. There’s great, working material and he’s always there to answer any questions. His fun and casual yet serious and focused style makes it easy to follow along and not just get it by rote but truly understand the sleight or effect and how it can fit into your arsenal of card magic.

From beginner techniques and effects to advanced workers, I can’t recommend it highly enough!


CMC Member

Steve Faulkners card course is in one word: amazing!

Simple to understand no faffing around, fantastic moves, excellent explanations.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn card magic or even someone who already knows some stuff and wants to up their game.

For the money, it’s a steal, a no brainer. In my opinion, it’s way to cheap for the expertise he has as a technician and a teacher.

Nick Nickolas

Multiple Award-Winning Comedy Magician, httpss://

I’ve just started using the course and am terrifically impressed at the quality. I’ve been in magic over sixty years, and card magic has been the main core of what I do. I started with Royal Road to Card Magic and every book I could find in the library on magic.

I’ve been skimming through early volumes, even those cover tools that I’ve supposedly long ago mastered. And, as always with top material, I’ve already discovered tips that improve moves I’ve been doing for ages. I’m looking forward to going through more volumes. I unreservedly recommend this teaching course.

Robin Robertson

CMC Member

I just love it. The course contains all major card sleights you need to learn to perform any card magic effect you want, from simple to most advanced sleights. Each is well explained with different angles that allow you to better grasp the details of the move. There is also an important section on MAT (Motivation, Approach and Training) model that is very useful to guide and motivate you in the learning process.

The thing I like and appreciate most is the availability of Steve to always provide feedback to whatever question you have, to support you with ad hoc videos for a specific technique you are learning, to share his experience and knowledge in an open and friendly way. Something you do not find everywhere.
Last but not least, by joining the Card magic course, you are part of a magic community with whom you can share your learning progress, ask for help and get feedback.
Michele Isenburg

CMC Member

I am probably one of the first clients to sign up for the course. Like most magicians, I have loads of DVDs about card handling. Most sit in my draw. The brilliant thing about this course being online is that I can always go back when I need to refresh a card control, handling or whatever I need.
The tutorials are well made and easy to follow.  New tutorials are always being added.
I always return to the course to help out with controls or slights, especially the ones I forget.
I can not recommend this course more highly, it’s brilliant.
Richard Deaton

CMC Member

“I got the course for help with one sleight that had been troublesome for me.  I’ve been a working magician for a couple of years but always want to grow my knowledge and skill.  Steve’s course is great, good technical explanation coupled with multiple views so you can see the ins and outs.  

I came for help with one thing, I will leave with in-depth help on a huge amount of skills; whether it’s a new sleight or one I feel competent with, this course will help you be better!

Adrian Tritton

CMC Member , Triton Magic

Steve’s course has everything you need to perform great card magic. All the moves including Double lifts, Controls, Palms, , Shuffle Work, Culling and some great routines. There is no filler just great information. It’s not just for beginners either there is material for everyone. I wish I had this information when I started. I highly recommend Steve’s card magic course. 5 stars for a 5-star course. 


Eddie McColl

Card Magic Legend, httpss://

Steve is a great professional magician who has decided to make himself available to personally teach you. His CARD MAGIC COURSE is the best online companion to someone wanting to learn and master some of the most amazing card moves and sleights. Don’t miss it! ”

Luis De Matos, TV and Stage magician, star of global hit show The Illusionists and BBC’s The Magicians

Luis De Matos

Tv and Stage Magician,

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