For Those Serious About Learning, Improving and Performing Card Magic


Do you love Card Magic, but struggle with what to learn, and what to practise?

Do you need help with overcoming nerves and feeling more comfortable with your performance?

Or are you a complete beginner and don't know where to start?

Welcome to the ultimate card magic course!

(Don't take my word for it, I'm biased. Read the testimonials below)

Join a community of supportive magicians and learn from professional, award-winning magician Steve Faulkner.

This course is created, adapted and added to with your suggestions. So far up to 180 videos of all the card magic you could ever learn, providing you with the best resource on the net.

If there are any performance tips, practice routines or questions, Steve will add suggested videos to the course to help you.

Due to these suggestions, the course is currently undergoing an overhaul, so be quick to make use of the one off, lifetime price. Once updated, new members will be paying a monthly fee.

Please note: This is NOT for those wanting to learn a party trick, it's for those who want to master the craft of card magic. The course contains everything I know and is a lifetime of work. Once you're in, DO NOT SHARE!

Get Started Now for Just £14.99 per Month!! (Just 50p per day!)

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Still not sure? Read on to see what the pros have to say ↓

Luis De Matos Luis De Matos, TV and Stage magician, star of global hit show The Illusionists and BBC's The Magicians

Steve is a great professional magician who has decided to make himself available to personally teach you. His CARD MAGIC COURSE is the best online companion to someone wanting to learn and master some of the most amazing card moves and sleights. Don’t miss it!

Peter Wardell Peter Wardell , Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year, Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year, International Close-Up Magician 1st Place. Member of the Inner Magic Circle Gold Star

Steve has done a great job putting together this course which covers everything you will need to become a skilled card magician and beyond.  The videos and instruction are clear and concise - I only wish this was available when I was learning.

Alan Hudson Alan Hudson, Professional Magician

Often whilst I'm performing I meet magic fans or people that would like to start up magic as a hobby. Often they ask me where they should start. I used to have a few different places to suggest but now the only place I recommend is Steve's Card Magic Course. The instructions are clear, he doesn't patronize the viewer and he respects the art. YouTube kids often expose magic in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons - it's the blind leading the blind. Steve's courses comes from the right place - sharing his card skills for the next generation of magicians who want to learn the correct way.

Dave Forrest Dave Forrest, Magician and creator of Full 52 Productions

Steve Faulkner is a great teacher and the material he teaches is great! His online card magic course is the type of resource I'd have given both pinkies for when I started out! It's all the information that you need, delivered easily and professionally by a guy who knows his stuff, inside out. In short, and as Steve says, it really WILL make you a better magician!

Rob James Rob James, Multiple Award Winning Magician

Steve is an excellent teacher who cares about magic. The amount of effort that has gone into this course is incredible. For anyone thinking about embarking on the journey to learning card magic, signing up for this could be the smartest move you could ever make

Iain Moran Iain Moran, International award-winning magician and magic creator

Steve is one of the best card magicians I know - fortunately, he's also one of the best teachers too! He's created a wonderful resource which is invaluable for the beginner and professional alike. If you are even remotely interested in card magic, you NEED this course!

What's inside

  • Over 200 detailed, professionally shot videos including over-the-shoulder angles to follow along.

    All of the moves and sleights used by Steve and other top professionals

  • Two-way coaching.

    Any questions or something you don’t understand? Just email Steve and he will answer or post another video to clarify.

  • From beginner to professional

    Never handled a deck of cards? No problem! The foundations course will take you through the basics, even how to hold and spread the cards!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?

    It’s a really simple process. You just hit the link to sign up, that will then take you to paypal for payment and you will be taken to your members page where you will have full access to all of the video content for streaming on your computer, phone or tablet.

  • Is it for all levels?

    Absolutely! Professionals I know have been through the foundations stage and found it really useful. The other moves in the course go from basic (e.g. cross-cut force) to very advanced ( e.g.second dealing, bottom dealing ) so there is something for everyone.

  • Why are you giving away the secrets?

    At this point in time the internet is full of under-skilled people giving away secrets that have been hidden from non-magicians for many years. There’s nothing that can stop this, but to me, if I can offer people a way of learning properly, I’m doing my bit. And it may sound a bit cheesy, but this is kind of a legacy. It’s a way of sharing my passion with as many people as possible for as low a price as I can manage.

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